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2015: June 14-20, 2015 – Closed

2015: August 11-17, 2015 – Closed

Isak_02Isak is a specialist wildlife photographic guide from South Africa. His discovery of nature’s special moments at a young age shaped his aspirations of today: to showcase the beauty of his continent’s natural wonders in a creative way. His bird and wildlife images have won multiple awards and been celebrated nationally and internationally in many publications. His preferred genre of fine art bird photography is easily recognisable by their authentic style, simplistic design and technical skill.

Isak’s passion for nature is fuelled by the reminiscence of a classic Africa and his aim is to create conservation awareness for his continent’s natural wonders. He is not only focussing his attention on photographic assignments throughout the African continent, but also on offering private photographic safaris with avid amateur and professional photographers. Having hosted many groups of photographers in Africa, Isak has taken on a keen interest in educating the photographers about their surroundings as well as teaching them the art of photography.

Isak has been numerous time to Kaingo Camp leading workshops for C4 Images & Safaris.

Awards and Achievements

BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013

Without a doubt the highlight of Isak’s photographic career was winning the 2013 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year’s Bird Behaviour category for his image “Trapped”. As the leading photographic competition in the world they are a big inspiration, and so Isak naturally feels privileged to receive this honour.

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