We are happy to work with any Agent, but we are most happy to provide a list

of those Agents that have best supported us in the past, and present.


Happy booking!


UK Expert Africa www.expertafrica/kaingo.camp/reviews


Aardvark Safaris www.aardvarksafaris.com
Africa Exclusive www.exclusiveamericas.co.uk
Africa Travel Resource www.africatravelreseource.com
Africa and Beyond www.africa-and-beyond.co.uk
African Explorations www.africanexplorations.com
Africa Odyssey info@africaodyssey.com
Audley Travel www.audleytravel.com
Busanga Safaris Ltd www.busangasafari.co.uk
Cazenove & Loyd www.cazloyd.com
Exsus www.exsus.com
Far Side Africa www.farsideafrica.com
Gane & Marshall www.ganeandmarshall.com
Ngoko Safaris www.ngoko.com
Okavango Tours & Safaris Ltd www.okavango.com
Safari Consultants www.safariconsultant.co.uk
The Ultimate Travel Company www.theultimatetravelcompany.co.uk
Tribes www.tribes.co.uk
Wildlife Worldwide www.wildlifeworldwide.com
USA/Canada Aardvark Safaris www.aardvarksafaris.com
Africa Adventure Company www.africa-adventure.com
Africa Odyssey info@africaodyssey.com
African Travel www.africantravelinc.com
Born Free Safaris www.bornfreesafaris.com
Bushtrack Expeditions www.bushtracks.com
Civilised Adventures, Canada www.civilizedadv.com
Explore Inc www.exploreafrica.net
 Fish Eagle Safaris www.fisheaglesafaris.com
Mama Tembo Tours/See More Africa www.MamaTemboTours.com
Mango Safaris www.mangosafari.com
Next Adventure Safaris www.nextadventure.com
Piper & Heath Travel www.piperandheath.com
Wild Lands www.wildlands.com
Southern Hemisphere Safaris www.southernhemispheresafaris.com
Australia Africa Bound www.africabound.com.au
African Wildlife Safari / Natural Focus Safaris www.aws.travel
Southern Destinations www.southerndestinations.com
The Africa Safari Co www.africasafarico.com.au
The Classic Safari Company www.classicsafaricompany.com.au
Europe Afrikarma, Germany www.afrikarma.de
A Step Ahead, Spain www.astepahead.es
Bel Africa, Belgium/Luxembourg www.belafrica.com
Elangeni African Adventures, Germany www.elangeni.de
JK Safaris Scandinavia, Sweden www.jksafaris.se
  Makila, France www.makila.com
Miles Travel, The Netherland www.milestravel.com
Safaris Okavango, France www.safarisokavango.com
Swiss African Travel Services, Switzerland www.swissafrican.ch
Thika Travel, The Netherland www.thikatravel.com
Untame Wildlife, The Netherland www.untamedwildlife.com
Zingg  Event Travel, Switzerland www.zinggsafaris.com
Zambia Zambian Ground Handlers www.zambiangroundhandlers.com
Destination Zambia www.destinationzambia.co.zm
People and Places www.peopleandplacesconsult.com
Thorntree Safaris www.thorntreesafaris.com/
Botswana Africa With Style www.africawithstyle.com
Liquid Giraffe www.liquidgiraffe.com
Safari Destinations www.safaridestinations.net
Malawi Barefoot Safari www.barefoot-safaris.com
Malawian Style www.malawianstyle.com
South Africa Lawson’s Birding, Wildlife & Custom Safaris www.lawsons-africa.co.za
Ngwe Safaris www.ngwesafari.co.za
Oryx Worldwide Photographic Expeditions www.oryxphotography.com
Sussi Safaris & Travel Services www.sussi-safaris.co.za
Tour d’Afrique www.tourdafrique.co.za
Wild Frontiers www.wildfrontiers.com
Xa! nini African Wildlife Safaris www.xasafaris.com