Office Africa January 2014

Dear all!

And so, we are in 2014! We wish you all a very happy new year, good resolutions, excellent health and plenty of travels.

Happy new year

I don’t know about you, but it seems time flies even more quickly in 2014 than it did in 2013! Our safari season will start again in less than 4 months, we will open Kaingo on May 20th and Mwamba on June 1st. It’s just around the corner!

However there is still some time for a marketing trip to the USA, where I will be next month. And maybe a few days of vacation before heading back to the bush in May.

Jules, Derek, Saphire and Jayabella stayed home in Lusaka for the holidays, and the girls growing taller have just started at new schools. Saphire made her debut at the big school, the American International School, while Jayabella took her place at the Leopard Cubs kindergarten. The picture below was taken last week, on the first day of school!

School 2013

Jayabella and Saphire Shenton, January 2014

I’ve been keeping busy with the 1000 or more video clips taken by our guides last season, let alone their still pictures.  Slowly making progress in learning how to handle the video software, I have posted a few clips on YouTube! Have a look! Click on the thumbnails pictures to access the videos in YouTube.

Lions on Warthogs

Watch the rivalry amongst the pride feeding on a warthog, filmed by Andrew.

lion warthog

Alongside the Lion

Beautiful footage filmed by Derek Shenton of a gorgeous male lion.

Juliet Shenton-2-11

Leopard on kill

This is a short clip but with great footage of a leopard feeding on an impala, in a tree. Filmed by Patrick.

Leopard on kill

Who is spooking the guinea fowls?

Very short footage by Sylvester, but quite fun to watch.

guinea fowl

Albino Baboons

Another short clip featuring two baby albinos, filmed by Andrew.


 Croc Attack

It’s a risky business if you are an impala wishing to drink on the edge of the Luangwa River! Filmed by Andrew.

Useless Croc Rob Brookes (2)

Camera Trap at the Mwamba Hide

What comes to the hide when no one is looking? Watch this one and you will know: lions, hyenas, honey-badger,   ellies… it’s a busy place! Filmed by… our Bushnell camera trap.

camera trap

Lioness attacks cubs

The one video montage that took me the longest is undoubtedly the one relating the gruesome event of last August, when our guides and guests witnessed the dramatic killing of two lion cubs (Mwamba-Kapanda pride) by the dominant female of the Mwamba-Kaingo pride. It is a very rare occurrence of a female killing cubs of a rival pride (here the rivals are also siblings), and it has not been filmed in the wild very often.

It is hard to watch, but the event in itself is quite interesting. The video, filmed by Andrew and Pat,  has been shared by as well.

cub killed video (1)

If you prefer to skip the video, but still read about this rare event, you can go back to our August 2013 newsletter here.

Ellie shopping for knickers

Laugh with us at this elephant who came to visit the laundry area at Kaingo, and went away with some knickers! Filmed by Andrew.

Ellie laundry

I still have a lot more videos to work on! I suggest you subscribe to our YouTube page and you’ll be the first to know when I post a new one. If you’re not already a fan of our Facebook page and would like to be notified when I post footage – click here to become one. LINK

A few travel news before giving the lion’s share to our guide Meyam! Literally – being too busy with videos, I lost track of Meyam’s photographs that were still waiting for some editing in my Lightroom library. Most of the newsletter will feature his pictures, some will be kept for later too – there’s simply too many!


So back to our travel news. We are so delighted to announce that both Kaingo and Mwamba have been selected as FINALISTS for the 2014 Safari Award

GSG 2014_finalist_round_hires


Kaingo Camp is finalist in the following categories:

Best Value Safari Camp

Best Walking Safari

Best Ecological Responsible Camp

Best Community Focused Camp

Best Guiding Team

Mwamba Bush Camp is finalist in the Best Walking Safari category.

AND Derek Shenton has been selected as a finalist in the Best Guide category!

Wow we did well this year!

We have a few more days of suspense, as the awards will be announced on February 6th. You can read more about the awards HERE .


Less exciting news is of course the confirmation that any Zambian tourism package is now imposed a VAT of 16%. The legislation became effective on January 1st, 2014 and we had to re-issue our rate sheets to reflect the increase. To our Travel Agents, if you haven’t received your new rate sheet yet, do email me at and I will send it ASAP.

If you are planning to come and see us, book quickly. June, August and September are in high demand this year and nearly fully booked. July and October still offer good availability.

And now I’ll leave the stage to Meyam’s photographs. Let’s start by a large collection of lion pictures. Most were taken in August and September 2013.

The Mwamba-Kaingo Pride at the Mwamba Hide

Meyam Lions Mwamba Hide (1)

Meyam Lions Mwamba Hide (2)

Meyam Lions Mwamba Hide (3)

The Mwamba Males

Meyam other lions (1)

Meyam other lions (2)

Meyam Male lion eating (3)

Meyam Male lion eating (2)

Meyam Male lion eating (1)

 Lioness and Cub

Meyam Lion and cub (3)

Meyam Lion and cub (2)

Meyam Lion and cub (1)

Meyam Njobvu 2013--115

And more lions!

Meyam other lions (7)

Meyam other lions (4)

Meyam other lions (3)

Meyam other lions (6)

Meyam other lions (5)

Meyam other lions (9)

Meyam other lions (8)

One of Meyam’s goal last season was to capture images of a fish eagle catching some prey. Meyam spent many of his rest hours on the main deck at Kaingo, during the heat of the day, in the hope of getting THE shot. To no avail. But what he did capture is a rare moment of intimacy between two white-fronted bee-eaters. See here how the male brings a gift to his ladylove, and hop, she hardly has the time to eat it that the deal is done!

Meyam bee eater (1)

Meyam bee eater (2)

Meyam bee eater (3)

Meyam bee eater (4)

Meyam bee eater (5)

Meyam bee eater (6)

Meyam bee eater (7)

In early September, we put up our Carmine Bee-Eater hide, only a few meters from the bank chosen by the colony to breed for the season. Here are a few of Meyam’s shot of last September.

Meyam carmine (11)

Meyam carmine (10)

Meyam carmine (9)

Meyam carmine (4)

Meyam carmine (5)

Meyam carmine (6)

Meyam carmine (7)

Meyam carmine (8)

Meyam carmine (3)

Meyam carmine (2)

Meyam carmine (1)

And here are a few more shots, just delightful. Well done Meyam!

Meyam Various (1)

Meyam Various (8)

Meyam Various (4)

Meyam Various (3)

Meyam Various (9)

Meyam Various (11)

Meyam Various (2)
Meyam Various (5)

Meyam Various (6)

Meyam Various (7)

I’m keeping a large series of pictures of the Mwamba-Kaingo pride and its buffalo kill of September 1st, for our next newsletter. We already featured the event itself through other pictures in our September newsletter, but not these pictures. You’ll just have to wait a tad longer!

For the past two years, we have been featuring some of our guests’ pictures via our monthly “Picture of the Month” selection. December was our last selection, and the theme was NIGHT.

Congratulations to Richard, Anders and Chris for their awesome pictures.


Richard Barrett Jul 2013

By Richard Barrett, July 2013

Settings Nikon D4. 1/125 sec at f/4.00. Focal 200 mm. ISO 6400.


Ander Kruger 2008

By Anders Kruger, October 2008

Settings.  Canon EOS 30D. 1/60 sec at f/4.5. Focal 155mm. ISO 200.


Chris Gibson Oct 2012

By Chris Gibson, October 2012

Settings: Nikon D7000.  1/80 sec at f/5.3. Focal 220mm. ISO 1600.

Of course we will continue to feature our guests’ pictures via our website, newsletters and on our Facebook page, so make sure to send us your best shots to

All our newsletters are on our website for you to go back to. If you have missed any, this is a good time to go back and read them, and have a look at the amazing photographs they contain.  Read them here

And if you stayed with us in 2013 and haven’t had a chance yet – please do post your review on TripAdvisor. Thank you!

TripAdvisor Review Kaingo          TripAdvisor Review Mwamba

We’ll be in touch before our season starts!

Until then,